New Year, New Plans – 2018 Edition

Hey folks, Dom here! It’s a new Year and it is time to sit down and have some good old real talk!

Soooo… 2017. Didn’t quite work out how I expected it to. Well, kinda. Twitch’s Affiliate program hit, I became an Affiliate, things kinda came along. At times, I was spending all my free time playing games, doing stuff for the stream etc. – At other times, I pushed everything as far away as possible to concentrate on other things. Then came the second half of the year, and with it the fact I’d be going to Uni. That meant I did have to change up my way of living again and I decided to spend my summer doing stuff with my buds, while all of us had at least SOME time, and preparing for Uni.

Then, Uni started. I was commuting at first. Two hours, four hour round trips every day. Plus pre- and reviewing material. My days were pretty much filled to the brim, and once again I didn’t really play much, but this time I just couldn’t fit all that much in, if at all. In November, I started looking around for a flat to cut down on travel time, to be in the area to, say, mingle a little more, to get some independence. I got the keys on December 1st, and now, almost two months later, it’s pretty much home, although there are still many things I still need to do, fix or have to get fixed. The next step was to find a job, a necessary evil because my student loan doesn’t cover everything cost-wise. I had an interview a couple days ago and am just waiting for the call (And I’m pretty sure I will get that one). This means, I’ll have around 50 hours a week blocked with Uni (40-ish hours, since it’s full time) and work (10-ish hours / week is the usual for student workers here).

Now, 2018 is a new, clean slate. And I once again want to formulate some goals I’d like to achieve and I also want to talk a bit about why the whole Streaming- and Gaming-Stuff will have to take a backseat. The first reason is that, no matter from what angle I look at it, streaming and other related stuff wouldn’t earn me enough at the moment. And it wouldn’t earn me money at the same rate as just working a student job somewhere. Student jobs here pay anything up to around 450€. If I can land the one I want to land, I’ll make 350€ a month, which is under the upper limit of said 450€ my student loan allows me to earn without jeopardizing being guaranteed it. That leaves me missing around 100€ to max my ‘allowed’ earnings.

To put that into perspective, that’s about 40 Twitch subs (payout-wise, since Affiliate split is 50:50, before applicable taxes), 1.5-ish AAA games, around 15 Pizzas – proper ones, not frozen stuff – a little over 50 bags of chips, or around a year worth of me paying for my domains and webspace, as well as around half a year’s worth of Netflix HD. As you can tell, having that extra money could come in quite handy. That is especially true since I need to put away almost 100€ each month for bills and uni-stuff like my bus- and train-ticket. And then there’s food and at some point (hopefully) leisure, again. And all that is in addition to my rent, which thankfully is covered by my student loan – honestly, without that thing (and it’s way different from the US incarnation), I wouldn’t have been able to move, especially not into a place I can call my own.

That all being said, the most realistic option for the time being is, at least in regards to streaming, to start streaming again, with a plan. Whilst I treat streaming as a fun thing to do and, at least until now, not as a money-making scheme, I will have to think about options to monetize the stream and surrounding things (i.e. this blog/website), even if it is just a simple Patreon or something.

And with all that out of the way, let’s get to the interesting part, actually formulating some goals I’d like to achieve this year (in terms of streaming and the Blog)! First of all, let’s get the obvious money-involving one out of the way! Goal #1 is getting that steady 100€ income from all this online stuff, whatever form that might take in the end! Next is Goal #2, achieving Affiliate status (again). This one is imo both the easiest and the hardest thing to achieve. Goal #3 is finding a schedule that works for me and sticking to it – Save for stuff that can’t be avoided like conflicts with work / uni schedules. Goal #4 is releasing two reviews per month. Whether or not they’ll have video accompanying them is up for debate, but I’d like there to at least be short videos taking a peek at the game. Last, but not least, Goal #5, the regular, if not constant re-evaluating of things, setting of achieveable goals all throughout the year and just keeping going to the best of my abilities.

Some things that got me thinking were especially the following posts by GreenChord of TruGaming on Reddit: Setting effective Goals, How To Use Twitter more efficiently, What Size Channel is the best to host? – I’m pretty sure I’ll have some banter of my own on those topics in the future, especially on the Goalsetting, so stay tuned for that.

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