My Content Creation Strategy plans and thoughts

So, with the Release of Into The Breach at the end of February I thought to myself “Let’s jump into this, especially with bigger streamers likely being busy with other stuff, and try to get some Viewers, and maybe end up providing some useful information to other players (In order to have an excuse to link highlights/vods on Reddit, for example)”.

Long story short: I miscalculated. Massively. Of course there were big streamers. And a ton of other, small guys – Though I expected those. What I didn’t expect was quite the amount of people that ended up streaming it shortly after release. After one or two nights of streaming to basically no-one, I admitted defeat to myself and went back to the drawing board, seeing how my plans had failed.

But, did they? It’s actually a tough question to answer now. Maybe they did, maybe I gave up too soon. There’s no way to know for sure. But there’s things I realized (again):

  • Without a certain amount of regular viewership to pull you out of the “dumps”, streaming a recent release is a bad idea.
  • Even with enough Viewership to warrant streaming a new release, you’ll have to compete with a lot of bigger, more well-known people. You’re not the only one interested in streaming the game and more than likely the devs reached out to people as well, especially the bigger ones and those known in the Genres, Settings and the like.
  • If my end goal is being some sort of more informational stream, just streaming won’t be enough. Next to nobody watches Stream VODs, especially not in the hopes of finding that one hint they’re looking for. People look for, well, VODs, prerecorded videos that distill the information down into bitesize portions, or written guides that do the same. Streaming alone won’t do it. There has to be more.
  • I actually have to put some effort into trying to learn the game because if I don’t get the mechanics, how can I teach people about them?
  • While games that are not massively advertized could be good to stream, there’s also the chance that people won’t be looking for anybody streaming them, Making them high risk for, at worst, no reward, really.

So, with new releases being out of the question for now, seeing as I just don’t have the viewership or regocnition in any community to compete, what to do? Well, for the time being, I guess I’ll stay with recent releases whose hype has died down somewhat as well as the “classics”, games that have a healthy, active community around them on Twitch and, best case, are still seeing fresh content one can do stuff with. Early Access games like RimWorld and Factorio would fall into this category for example.

Next to juggling streaming, Uni (or College, for you ‘murricans) and work (as well as the blog, damnit), I’ll probably need to find some time to record and edit some videos. Uploading to Youtube is a must to get views from there and hopefully eyes on the stream. With Twitch fiddling with the “Premieres” stuff and finally making it optional, I actually think it might be worth uploading stuff to Twitch again, as well. So, lots of (re-)planning to do.

The last point I wanna poke at is Game Choice. Obviously some game will be a much better fit than others, but that won’t stop me from playing games that caught my eye, even if I won’t end up putting up any additional content for them. Others require me learning a lot to get up to speed to even get close to somewhere where I can get out some relevant content, Oxygen Not Included being the prime example here. And of course, new releases are out of the question for now. I will also have to make sure I allocate enough screen time to games. A week likely won’t be enough, even if I were to stream every day – After all, I usually don’t stream longer than 4-6 hours, plus getting deep into a game’s mechanics does require a bit of time, anyway. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that I should probably aim for at least two weeks of well paced content, up to four, or a month, basically. This allows me to keep things fresh, as well as to try and hopefully manage to stay on top of things by being able to swap to games that get new updates around the time of those Updates. And I can still throw in a couple streams of something else here and there if I’m not in the mood for Game X one day.

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