April – A Recap

Hey folks!

With April coming to a close, I decided to do a little recap post about what I did, stuff that happened etc. etc. – This’ll be about Streaming, stuff connected to it, other Stuff, some IRL stuff, so basically everything! 😀


In April, I streamed for 52 hours overall. 17 Hours of that were on Mixer. I also did two Re-Runs on Twitch, so the real total might be more about 40-42 Hours, which is below my goal to commit at least 12 hours a week to streaming. So that is not cool, and I will work to rectify that. I also streamed rather inconsistently, which is another thing I loathe, because it hampers growth a lot.

When I asked you about which start times would be more convenient for people, we settled on 7pm CEST which is a time I am comfortable with, even if it’s a close shave on mondays since I am in Uni until 6pm but overall I’m cool with that, especially as it puts all streams during the week on the same timeslot, which is absoloutely something I wanted to do if possible.

Since my work schedule isn’t fixed, there sadly is no way for me to keep fixed days, other than monday since I blocked that at work (Can’t be at work on time at 6 if my last lecture ends on 6, lol), but I am content with mondays plus two more weekdays and saturday / three more weekdays if I need to work on Saturdays.

The plan for May is to go back to Twitch, because as much as I love Mixer, streaming Indies is hard enough to grow with as is, but the added difficulty of Mixer just not having the appropriate number of people interested in watching Indies and it, in my opinion, being a lot harder to find other casters with similar interests to network with (No wonder if at least 75% of the site is Fortnite/PUBG/Smite eSports/Paladins eSports, no hard feelings though) compared to Twitch. The plan going forward is getting back to the Grind on Twitch and to push for that Affiliate, and get into building a community. Once I feel comfortable with that on Twitch, we might go for Restream casts and try to convert people over to Mixer, but that is stuff for Winter, at its earliest.

I want and need to network more, so I would like to find one new Streamer to network with every week, so 4 or 5 new Caster friends by the end of May (Well, 6/3 to be precise). On top of that, I want to engage my Viewers more, though I don’t really know how other than (mainly) Discord and some Twitter stuff, especially since most of the Stuff I play is Singleplayer or local Coop at best.

I bought two new Goodies in April. A Streamdeck, which is super handy, as well as a Steam Controller which, while needing a little time to readjust, is great for a lot of games, but sadly not all. There are some games like Dead Cells I just can’t play on it while it makes it possible to play other games (without native Gamepad support) like Slay The Spire with ease while sittign on the sofa and whatnot. The next big purchase will be a Microphone, likely going to buy an AT2020 XLR with a cheap Interface once I have the money (which might take a while) to up that Audio quality. After that, I will need to do a little more investing for my Greenscreen, I need a new Cloth as mine is too short.. Plus some proper lighting. Then, finally, it’ll be time to finally upgrade my Hardware, as both my CPU as well as GPU are at least 2 Generations old by now.

Indie Games List

As you may or may not know, I started to compile Indie Game Release Dates at http://indielist.domin0e.com, which I will do my darndest to keep up with and keep updated. Reception has been great and despite is being pretty much an unknown thing still has gotten some interest. Plans here are to eventually get the list OFF of Google Sheets and onto a proper Webpage, but I am missing the expertise for that right now, so it’s all just me posting stuff on the list. I’d also like some automation along the lines of scraping Steam and Itch for what is possible, maybe even automatic addition of Twitter profiles. But ya, once again, missing expertise / knowledge.

Upcoming in May

So, what is going to happen in May? As I mentioned already, we’ll be back on Twitch for the forseeable future unless anything changes to really make me wanna stick to Mixer. No Restreams for now because if I am to stream on Mixer, it’s going to be via their FTL protocol because that is, imo, the best way to grow a community there, if you don’t bring one with you. Game-wise, we’ll be doing a(nother) playthrough of Breakfall’s Pizza Titan Ultra so I can shill out for them a little more, because I really like the game. After that, there is For The King by IronOak Games which I also was provided with a key for, which I am really, really thankful for! There’s going to be a beta weekend for Sky Noon as well as it going into Early Access, likely at the end of May. Other than that, ParkitectRimWorld and Slay The Num– Spire come to mind. Also, I am celebrating another year of being alive in May, yay.

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